Review by Azmina Gulamhusein (London, England)

When I came across the artwork of Badur Jaffer, my imagination was immediately transported into the exotic landscapes of Africa. The gouache painting “At Kilimanjaro” captures the sweeping grandeur of a vast terrain with luscious vegetation, roaming elephants and giraffes with their long necks stretching into the pure blue sky and the snow-capped Mount Kilimanjaro in the distance. By contrast, the oil on canvas work “Dogwood Flower” focuses on the magical beauty of a single pure white dogwood bloom with a bright orange and crimson centre.

Badur has a gift of bringing to life the rich, earthy colours, dynamic movement and overflowing abundance of the natural world. My personal favourite “Flamingos of Kenya”, an enormous 24 x 30 inch acrylic on canvas painting, conveys the delicate grace of a flock of flamingos against a background of the most brilliant colours. The splashes of fiery red, blazing yellow and bold pink, together with the jagged grey and black shapes, produce an overall dazzling effect and make this one of the most vibrant and striking paintings that I have ever seen. Another dramatic work, “Annual Migration”, fills the heart with excitement by evoking the charging motion of countless wildebeest as they set off across the mighty plains of East Africa.

A remarkable feature of Badur’s artwork is its sheer versatility. “Tembo Moja” portrays the majesty of an elephant in its natural environment with photographic likeness and the level of detail in the series of ink sketches is incredible. Similarly, the gouache picture “Uganda Memories” takes your breath away with its realistic representation of a traditional East African home surrounded by banana trees, vivid tropical flowers and teeming foliage. This particular painting inspires a strong emotional response by bringing to mind nostalgic images of my beloved late father’s upbringing in Uganda. On the other hand, Badur’s paintings have a distinct contemporary feel and the unique array of atmospheric colours in “Night and Day” proves that he is equally a master of abstract art. “White Elephant” is a modern oil painting that was created entirely with a palette knife and the volcanic background colours are so intense that they almost burn off the page.

Badur’s art immerses you in the spectacular scenery of Africa with its lush green landscapes, sweeping savannahs and awe-inspiring animal kingdom, and stirs your soul by celebrating the wonders of creation.

I understand that Badur’s unique Impressionist art style, as beautifully depicted in the paintings “Ankole Cattle”, “Beermakers” and “Annual Migration”, has won him an award entitled a “Real Winner” from a major US art company. 

“Truly, a great artist of our times”, October 2017.

About the Artist

Copyright 2017. Badur Jaffer. All Rights Reserved.

BADUR JAFFER was born in Kampala, Uganda. His artistic ability was apparent by age 5, discovered by his teacher at the Aga Khan School in Kampala. Upon completing his education in England, where he was sent to study at the age of 12, he returned to Uganda and became well known for his African art on wildlife and culture. He received wide acclaim and television after completing a wall mural commissioned by a major hotel in Kampala. As a result, he was asked to do a mural for an outer wall of a building at Makerere University in Kampala. Sadly, most of his completed art works were lost during the political upheaval in Uganda, and the Asian expulsion by Idi Amin in 1972.

Following his formal education In England, he studied Art and Graphics at Epsom College of Art, and produced many paintings that were sold there and held in private collections. Now a Canadian citizen, he and his wife Gillian moved to Canada in 1974 where he continues his art.

Badur has travelled extensively throughout the world, broadening his knowledge and absorbing the best elements of the cultures of both East and West.

His work has included an Ink sketch for a Fashion Magazine, record-sleeve designs, television graphics, and illustrating children’s books and alphabets. Since settling in Vancouver, he has had many art shows in Vancouver and Seattle. He has sold many originals and prints in Canada, and accepts artwork assignments for clients of their favourite subject or photograph.Badur’s art tends towards the nature and beauty of the wildlife of Africa. He has developed a refreshing, unique, and unusual style by creating incredible impressionist art, blending contemporary and true-life, and vividly accentuating the kaleidoscope of colour and beauty that is art.